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          Welcome to The Phelps School


          Success Stories

          “I came to Phelps to get more prepared for college and I feel like I did just that. I study a lot more than I ever did.”

          -Tarojae Brake, Parkesburg, PA

          “When I arrived here I saw not a school but a family. Everyone I met treated me with the same level of respect and kindness as they might give a brother or son.”

          -Ryan Hanna, West Chester, PA


          -Albert Ciccitto, Lansdale, PA

          “When it comes to this school, the love I have is something special, and that is because of the person I have become during my time here. Before coming here, I was just ONE MORE, you know what I mean; that
          person who doesn’t mess up but at the same time never excels. Here I realized that if you work as hard as you can, you can actually be THE ONE.”

          -Oriol Tres, Barcelona, Spain

          What Parents Are Saying:

          • Lynnore Compton



          • Roberto Colon



        • Adam Dublin



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        • Liz Rotan




        • Admission Steps

          Submit your application materials for our rolling admissions process.
          We ask for two previous or current teacher recommendations.

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